Talent   Consultants   International,   Ltd.   (TCI)   is   a   New   York   based,   full   service, “boutique” entertainment  firm  which  was  founded  in  1983  by  Margo Lewis. TCI is a member in good standing of the IEBA (International Entertainment Buyers Association), the IAFE    (International   Association   of  Fairs  and   Expositions),  and  the   APAP  (Association   of Performing  Arts  Presenters).  TCI’ s  buyers  include  clubs,  theatres,  colleges  and  universities,  arenas, fairs, festivals,  performing  arts  centers,  casinos,  and  corporate  and special  events. 


Margo Lewis  - President   margolewis@tciartists.com

Faith Fusillo - VP Business Affairs  faithfusillo@tciartists.com


Mitchell Karduna - VP / Director Talent Representatives    mitchellkarduna@tciartists.com

Michael Buonanno - Agent     mikeb@tciartists.com 


​Contract Department   contractdept@tciartists.com